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We Remap Cars – Most Makes & Models

We are approved Quantum Tuning Dealers and we are able to Remap most makes and models of car.

Do you require more power, better economy or a clever balance of both?

We have bases in Bognor Regis, West Sussex and Uxbridge West London and cover the surrounding areas  for car remapping.

You can either visit us at one of our workshops for your ReMap or we can come to your home or office and we will upgrade your car while you wait.

We have recently invested heavily in the all of the latest fully subscribed tuning equipment which allows us to offer you all of the latest tuning options and as a result we can also provide solutions for issues with DPF filters, EGR valves, and other components as well as Emissions Update Rollbacks.

Let us know what issues your car has. Whatever your requirements – We can help.

Click on these links to learn More About us and What we can do to see more detail on the services we offer and your ReMapping options for your car or use the form below to give us your registration and we will get back to you with your tuning options and costs.

Just let us have your registration number, and we will be happy to inform you of all the possibilities for your vehicle.

What our customers think of what we do.

MapTune Star Rating

“The car now feels like the hand of God has picked you up and is sweeping you along. Big Thank you.”

2013 VW Touareg 3.0 TDi

Remap to VW Touareg - MapTune.co.uk

    Or if you prefer to call us for a chat about what you would like done you can call our local technician on:

    How do we do an ECU Remap?

    Take a copy of the file in your engine ECU

    First we take a read of the current file in your engine ECU which will have all the performance parameters stored within.

    the file gets tuned to your requirements

    The file then gets sent to our tuning HQ where the work is done to implement your required adjustments to performance.

    write the new file back onto your ENGINE ECU

    Once we have recevied the file back, we will then write the modified file back to your ECU for you to enjoy the improvements.

    What we can do for you.

    It is not just out and out power that we can deliver…

    Power, Half/Half & ECO Tune Remaps

    Power & Performance remaps do exactly that. We can release the full capabilites of your petrol or diesel vehicle without any mechanical modifcations.

    We can also offer either a mix of power and economy in turbo diesel engines or a slightly reduced power option to return an improved economy, again in turbo diesel engines.

    Automatic Transmission Remaps

    If your vehicle we are remapping is an automatic, if it has a DSG or S-Tronic twin clutch gearbox we recommend that we remap the gearbox to both accommodate and make the most of the increased output from the engine with a faster gear shifting speed.

    DPF & EGR Solutions

    The DPF is a filter in the exhaust system of modern diesel cars which can block up. We are able to offer a number of options to fix any DPF issues.

    The EGR valve recirculates a proportion of the exhaust gasses back into the intake system. This valve can become clogged and lead to a loss in performance.

    Fault code and component deletion

    Sometimes there are components that can fail on modern cars that will illuminate the engine management light. The most common we see are manifold swirl flaps which can cost thousands to replace.

    As an alternative, we are able to offer fault code and component deletion which will mean the management light does not come on and the car can continue to be used.

    Want to know a bit more about us?

    CASE STUDY – Audi A6 Allroad

    Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 TDi

    Nick called us with an Audi A6 Allroad. He wanted some more power to help with towing.

    Standard Spec:

    Power BHP: 236
    Torque (Nm): 500

    What we did:

    Power remap via OBD port on car.

    Modified Spec:

    Power BHP: 300
    Torque (Nm): 600

    Customer Comments:

    “Tremendous driveability. Towing is now a breeze.”

    CASE STUDY – VW Tiguan

    VW Tiguan 2.0 TDi 4Motion

    Jess contacted us because her engine light was on. We diagnosed a faulty inlet manifold runner motor which required a new manifold at a cost of £697.42 for the part alone.

    Standard Spec:

    Power BHP: 147
    Torque (Nm): 320

    What we did:

    Manifold flap delete and half/half power / eco remap.

    Modified Spec:

    Power BHP: 162
    Torque (Nm): 360

    Customer Comments:

    “Super job! Engine light now out and drives perfectly”


    Some more examples of remaps and fault code deletes we have done for our customers

    Client Testimonials

    Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

    MapTune Star Rating

    Exactly what I wanted. I spend a lot of my time on motorways and wanted a bit more grunt for overtaking and a bit more economy on the cruise.

    Got both. Much nippier and I get 7mpg more.

    James Usher

    Audi A4 2.0 TDi

    The swirl flap mechanism on my A6 had worn out and the repair kit plus fitting would have cost a fortune.

    Went for a power remap and had Martin delete the swirl flaps. Now my 2.7 goes like a 3 litre and no engine light.

    C Nield

    Audi A6 2.7 TDi

    I just wanted my car to feel a bit more sprightly when I drove it as it was the lowest output model Ford did in the range so I got the benefit of lower tax. I opted for the power remap and the car is transformed.

    Peter Bond

    Ford C Max

    Recent Remaps by MapTune

    A collection of recent remapping work that we have done for our customers

    Remap for Mercedes Vito 2.1 CDI
    The owner of this Mercedes Vito van came to us because the van was struggling, being full of tools all of the time. Power went from a standard 161 BHP to 210 BHP with a torque uplift of 100nM to boot. Customer very happy with the […]
    This customer came to us for an emissions fix rollback and our half and half tune along with a gearbox tune. Power went from 174 bhp to 210 and customer is reporting about 5% better MPG.
    VW Campervan remapped by MapTune.co.uk
    Owner of this lovely campervan came to us because he felt the van was a little under powered with its standard 102 BHP. Power went from a standard 102 BHP to 175 BHP with a torque uplift of 110nM to boot. Owner very happy with the […]

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      From our service centres in Bognor Regis in West Sussex and in Ickenham in West London we are able to provide remapping services to the surrounding areas of both locations.

      We have listed here some of the areas we cover for vehicle remapping..

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      If there is anything you want to ask us about remapping your vehicle, you can send us a message via WhatsApp.

      Please include your vehicle registration and post code in your message, so we can get back to you with the correct tuning options and costs for your vehicle.

      The MapTune Team