Power & Performance Remaps – What are the options?

Stage 1 Remaps:

By adjusting the operating parameters to the engine in your car we are able to safely unleash the extra power and torque that is available from your vehicle without requiring the replacement of any of the stock vehicle components.

Ideally used in day to day situations where extra power and torque is required for heavy load running like towing or if you are looking for optimised acceleration with a wider torque window so you can simply to enjoy your vehicle.

Stage 2 Remaps:

A stage 2 remap pushes the performance envelope further with less regard for economy. In order to achieve the additional gains modifications are usually made to both the vehicle intake and exhaust systems. It is also worth considering switching turbo chargers for uprated units.

Stage 3 Remaps:

This is now pushing the car to its limits. To achieve the extra power and to maintain engine reliability the engine will need to be stripped and rebuilt using many strengthend and uprated parts including hybrid turbos. While power gains can cometimes be over 100% more than standard this will usually push the vehicles emissions firmly into the illegal categories and so Stage 3 remapping is reserved for track and race cars.

All of our Quantum Remaps come with a 30 day no quibble guarantee. If, for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the way your vehicle performs after we have remapped it we will return it to standard for you and always give you a full refund

Interested in the gains you could get from your vehicle?

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