VW Passat remap by MapTune.co.uk

Remap to 2012 VW Passat 2.0 TDi EA189

This type of remap is getting more and more common.

Customer contacted us with a 2012 Passat. The EA189 engine emissions fix / modification had been done by VW some time ago but the engine felt down on power with noisy running and he felt it was getting worse on fuel and he wanted to know if a remap would help.

We performed a full electronic diagnosis with our licenced copy of the genuine VW Group software called ODIS which gave the car a clean bill of health.

We explained to the customer that the issue will be to do with the emissions update that VW had performed and that we could reverse or rollback the ECU software to the version prior to the update for him. He instructed us to proceed and the car was immediately smoother, more powerful and quieter when running.

After a week he came back and was so impressed with the way the engine now sounded and performed that he was keen to see what a remap could further achieve from his car.

Knowing that we had returned the Passat to it’s ‘Pre Emmissions fix state’ we remapped the car knowing the remap would be built on the best software version for his car.

He tells us that, in his eyes and having driven the car for over 2 years, that the result is astonishing.

These are the performance values that the Passat now produces.

Original Power

138 BHP

Tuned Power

180 BHP

Original Torque

320 Nm

Tuned Torque


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