VW / Audi / SEAT / Skoda EA189 Dieselgate Emissions Fix Reversal.

The emissions update performed on diesel vehicles by manufacturers puts undue strain on your vehicles injection and exhaust systems in order to achieve the results intended.

The main components affected are the Turbocharger, EGR valve and the fuel injectors along with several others. As a result of the update these components are likely to have a significantly shortened service life which could lead to potentially expensive repairs.

Other symptoms are rough running of the engine, engine sounding noisy, poor fuel economy and reduced power and driveability.

The engines affected from the VW Group are 1.2 TDi, 1.6 TDi and 2.0 TDi.

Over 96% of those who have had the VW Group fix applied would not recommend it according to a survey.

We are able to return your vehicle to its original state by reinstalling the original software that it would have left the factory with, back onto your vehicle.

What a customer says 4 weeks after it was done….

Case Study: Recent VW Golf 2.0 TDi emissions fix rollback by MapTune

The car is great – thank you!

The exhaust is no way near as noisy, the engine is smoother, the economy is better and there is a bit more punch to the power too. So yes, just like it was before VW got their hands on it. The car is so much better to drive. 

It is definitely worthwhile doing so I would recommend this to anyone who had the ‘VW Fix’.

We can perform this for you either in isolation, or, as would always be our recommendation, in conjunction with your remap, as that way we will be remapping a software version for you that is not unnecessarily straining your engine components as part of it’s intrinsic design.

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The MapTune Team